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Making a Claim

Did you come across an emergency with your vehicle? Reach out to us within 48 hours and provide the details of the incident. You can start filling up the forms here for initiating the claim process, and we will start with report making procedure. We suggest you inform us of all incidents, irrespective of whether you wish to claim assurance benefits or not.

As you report your claim, we will contact you in 24 hours and assign you a Claim Service Specialist. The person will be your dedicated representative and, as a dedicated, knowledgeable, and committed professional, will lead you through the entire claim process.

For queries or concerns, please call us on 03 904 24 777

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    Did the driver consumed any alcohol or taken any drugs in the 24 hours prior to the accident? YesNo

    Did the driver undergo a breath test, breath analysis or blood test? YesNo 

    What was the reading?  


    Incident Details

    Date  Day Time 
    Street Name Suburb

    Nearest Crossroad 

    Road Surface  Number of Vehicle(s)
    At the time of incident, the covered vehicle was  Traffic Controls  Your Direction of Travel 


    1. Google Map

    2. Accident Images

    3. Our Vehicle

    4. Other Vehicle

    Accident drawing

    please complete a diagram of the accident. Please include all street names, road markings, street signs, control signs and the direction each vehicle was travelling at the time of impact. If you need more room, please attached a separate sheet of paper.


    Accident Description

    - Describe how the accident happened

    Estimate the speed of your vehicle Estimate the speed of other vehicle 

    Was your vehicle towed? YesNo

    Towed by

    Towed To

    Where is vehicle now?


    Mark the damage to Vehicle & third-party Vehicle

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    Other Vehicle Description

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    Insurance Company Detail Claim Number

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    Police Information

    Did the Police attend the accident YesNo Was the accident reported to Police YesNo

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    Witness Details



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      TRC P/L Staff Driver of Taxi
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