10 Things You Must Need to Know About Best Rideshare Insurance Australia

10 Things You Must Need to Know About Best Rideshare Insurance Australia

Are you an Uber driver in Australia? If yes, you must get insurance. Rideshare insurance in Melbourne will cover you against any loss while taking commercial passengers in your car. In this article, we will look at the best rideshare car insurance in Australia.

Sharing a ride in personal cars has become a very common practice. Uber, the most popular ridesharing platform globally allows anyone with a car to earn a regular stream of passive income. Taking only a few fares can over the gas money for the day. No wonder why Uber is so popular in Australia? 


Best Rideshare Insurance Australia

If you are looking for the most affordable car insurance, the Ride Share Club is the ideal pick for you. It is the most popular car insurance for Uber drivers in Australia. We have years of experience and friendly staff.

Along with insurance coverage for regular cars, Ride Share Club also has insurance for Scooters and Taxis. We have pointed to point transportation coverage that meets all your requirements.

Rideshare Car Insurance Australia Facts

If you have been thinking about getting insurance for your Uber car, you must first have a bigger picture of how, and from where other drivers are getting their car insurance from. Know these 10 facts about Car Insurance Australia from the Ride Share Club.

  • Low-Interest Rate

Unlike the popular belief, the interest in insurance for ride share is very low. Moreover, most of them offer a flexible premium tenure.

  • Trust Worthy

Trust is a big concern when you are buying insurance for your car. The Ride Share club has years of experience and is considered as one of the most reliable car insurance for Uber drivers in Australia. 

  • Roadside Assistance

Rideshare Club offers immediate roadside assistance, as well as instant towing of your damaged car.

  • Quick Response

Unlike other car insurance providers who have sloppy, and slow response time, the Ride Share Club team takes pride in our quick response time for rideshare insurance Sydney.

  • P to P Cover

Thanks to their over 30 years of experience in the industry, the Ride Share Club offers point to point transportation coverage.

  • Vehicle Towing

No matter where you are, and the type of assistance you need, Ride Share Club has you covered.

  • Claim

Many Melbourne rideshare insurance companies in Australia have a very lengthy, and bureaucratic claim handling procedure. But not us. You can make a claim online, and expect a prompt response.

  • Online 

Rideshare Club operates completely online. All you need to do is, submit a form with all your information, wait for a few days until you hear from our team.


We hope this article helped you understand all the different aspects related to the best rideshare insurance Australia. If you have recently started ride-sharing with Uber, and have yet to get insurance, you can apply for a Ride Share Club membership.


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